Luna the Old English Sheep Dog!

Hi all…

Okay so after a mad busy weekend I want to firstly share a couple of sneak peek shots from a more unique photo session I did just over a week ago with a furry little friend called Luna. Now I hope this brightens up your Monday because it certainly did for me 🙂

Luna is an Old English Sheepdog who is just a puppy and their owners who are good friends of my wife and I asked if I could capture some photographs of her whilst she’s…well small!

We traveled over from Wigan looking forward to meeting her and as we walked through the door there she was bouncing all over the place just like a new born lamb. I got straight into it taking some snaps around their beautiful home and as requested a few props with the iconic ‘Dulux’ paint tin along with Luna’s personalised paint brush 🙂

It was so much fun and I enjoyed every moment. So I hope you all too enjoy a couple of puppy pics and with Christmas just around the corner I’ve included a shot of Luna wearing something very festive!




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