Hi everyone

Okay so I have been away from the blog for a little while now since my last wedding back at the end of March. I’ve been extremely busy making improvements to my website which have taken some time with making sure that the highest of standards in showcasing my work online. With this and ongoing home renovations a few tweaks are still needed but generally speaking I am now in a great position and Summer ready…well for weddings that is 🙂

If you’re curious and fancy having a little look on our website you don’t need to veer far from our blog as it is now all together, so just click on home (above) and away you go!

So this was just to make you all aware that I’m back regular blogging and you’ll see more of my posts throughout the remainder of 2018 and beyond. I hope you all have enjoyed and will enjoy reading the content especially as you never have to listen to my ‘Brummy’ dulcet tones and if you’re not too fussed but enjoy looking at the photos I have captured at recent weddings/events then I’m happy with that, haha!

Anyway I’ll leave you to it but we have a couple of things to catch up on which will be uploaded very shortly!

Many thanks

Sam 🙂