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Congratulations Peter & Judie!

I was part of yet another mid-week Wedding of this year as the package itself seems very appealing to those on a budget and wishing to tie-the-knot during the week instead of a weekend. Peter & Judie’s big day started for me as I arrived at Best Western’s Park Hall Hotel in Chorley around 45 minutes before the ceremony was to begin. I like to arrive nice and early to settle in and do the necessary checks on equipment whilst reassuring the Bride and Groom that I have actually arrived 🙂

Peter was speaking with the registrar who was to conduct the ceremony and guests were enjoying a swift half near the reception. There were only around 25 close family and friends who were to witness the happy occasion so I didn’t take me long to get a few documented snaps of them enjoying the build up. Everyone was soon invited inside the Medieval Banquet Suite to take their seats whilst the wedding coordinator headed upstairs to grab the Bridal party.

After a couple of confirmations between Bride and Registrar it was game on! I planted myself at the end of the aisle close enough to Peter and his Best Man to capture a moment of banter but far enough to ensure they felt comfortable and kept it natural. Judie and her Son headed up the aisle as the music began to play and as Peter turned around I’m sure he was lost for words at how beautiful she looked in her wedding dress.

The ceremony ran smoothly and once rings were exchanged and the signing of the register had been compete it was time to begin the reception phase of the day….which I love!

To begin with I always try and start with the confetti throw as it gets everyone feeling part of it all and I like to think it eases them into the formal group shots which follow. It was a great crowd and we flew through it all which gave the newly weds time to enjoy a drink and a chat with their guests. I checked out the locations of where I was going to do the more informal and intimate photographs of Peter and Judie in this time and after 20-25 minutes we then cracked on with them. It was very pleasant and enjoyable and we even had an intruder….’Derek the Duck’ decided to head towards us for a gander with what we were doing, haha!

Once the time had arrived for the wedding breakfast guests were seated and everyone enjoyed a lovely three course meal. The speeches were afterwards although it was only a couple of lovely words said by Peter to thank everyone for coming 🙂

It was a wonderful day and I hope not just the happy couple but also their family and friends had an amazing time especially throughout the evening! I wish Peter and Judie all the very best for the future and I look forward to speaking with them after they return from their break away up in Lancaster….it sounded very nice ;-D

I also look forward to sending them their wedding photographs from the day but for the time being please enjoy these sneak peek shots








Congratulations Phil & Kate!

The weekend was a busy one seeing me at Heskin Hall on Friday and then I had the pleasure of being part of another amazing day at Macdonald Kilhey Court. Being the preferred wedding photographer at Kilhey Court in Standish, Wigan gave me the opportunity to meet with Phil and Kate who enquired after seeing my portfolio of photographs captured over the years at the stunning North West venue.

Kate wanted the Bridal Preparations before the ceremony began so I planned to turn up around 0900hrs where I was to document the build up. There was Kate, Kate’s Mum and Kate’s Bridesmaid who were all having their hair and make-up done by two familiar faces. Laura-Jane was on make-up and Lauren was on Hair styling. I got a couple of natural shots to settle myself in to it all before heading upstairs to capture the smaller details including the wedding dress, wedding shoes, wedding jewelry etc. Half way into the 3 hours I am usually around there was a knock at the door, it was Cath of Rathbones Upholland Bakery who stopped by to wish Kate good luck and to let her know that the wedding Cake had been delivered to the venue. I also met Kate’s Dad who arrived to get ready and to see his Daughter in her beautiful white wedding dress.

The Bridal party were ahead of schedule which gave me enough time to head to the venue, get a parking spot near The United Benefice of Saint Catherine’s Church in Scholes, Wigan and meet with Sam who was to take charge and conduct the ceremony. I also had the pleasure of working with Barry of Diamond Lights Wedding Films which was great as always! Phil had headed inside with his Best man along with all of their wedding guests whilst I waited outside for Kate to turn up in style. She booked two Volkswagen Camper vans from Love Bus Wedding Company for transportation from their home, to the Church and then onto the Reception venue.

With everything set and ready proceedings began and I enjoyed documenting it all 🙂

The ceremony was lovely with a couple of readings, hymns, vows and of course the exchange of rings before the official signing of the register. It was approx an hour in total before the new Mr & Mrs Altree headed back up the aisle past their family and friends who were smiling away to exit the Church for a couple of photos. We didn’t hang around as me and Barry knew we had a few things to organise before everyone arrived at Kilhey Court.

With the wedding party arriving in ‘dribs & drabs’ we tried our best to direct people towards the green where we were to begin the formal group photographs. Time is always a major factor in anyone’s Wedding day and I always try and ensure I’m ahead of it! We made sure of course we got some lovely photos of the happy couple in and around the glorious transportation before they headed off.

We cracked on a began the formal groups which actually went smoother than I thought which was also Kate’s words to me after they we complete 🙂 Still conscious that I needed to get some room shots me and Barry headed inside to do this before Ash the Wedding coordinator invited everyone inside to take their seats for the official arrival of the Bride and Groom. So before the wedding breakfast it was time for the speeches and first up was Kate’s Dad who offered a slideshow of selected photos from his Daughters childhood leading up to her at University which enjoyed by all. Next was the main man himself, Phillip who had a few jokes up his sleeves and delivered them perfectly. Finally there was Phil’s Best man who had a mixture of jokes and touching words towards not just Phil but Kate too 🙂

During the meal me and Barry waited outside checking our photos and footage whilst we heard cheers due to the ongoing World Cup game between Sweden and England who were playing each other for the Semi-Final spot. Thankfully England were on top and doing well.

Once things calmed down and bellies were full we invited Phil and Kate to head outside for the more intimate shots of them together which I love as I treat it with a total relaxed approach 🙂 We headed all around the venue’s grounds inside and out, taking in all the sunshine on offer whilst the newly weds enjoyed some time together. It was great but time had moved on and with the kids playing on the bouncy castle and the DJ playing some tunes the evening part of the day was just beginning.

Phil and Kate prepared for their first dance but first there was a matter of a cutting of the cake and also Kate wanted to throw her Bouquet. Most of the Women including a couple of the kids who wanted their chance of catching the stunning bouquet of flowers rounded up on the dance floor. It was a great moment and with most people already up the newly weds had their first dance together. It wasn’t long before everyone was invited up to join them.

I had a really enjoyable day capturing it all. I’ve got to say that even though there was 160 guests everyone was on form especially with the formal group photos 🙂 A shout out to No. 10, you know who you are ;-P and I hope everyone had a memorable day especially Phil and Kate. I hope you have an amazing time in New York and I look forward to speaking with you on your return. For now please all enjoy these sneak peek shots.








Congratulations Danny & Mel!

A little while back Mel messaged me asking if I could meet with her and Danny to sit down and discuss a couple of things regarding their upcoming wedding day. We sat down and had a good chat about the day in detail, I threw in plenty of advice based on my expertise especially with timings on the day whilst they had a look through more of my work and the wedding ‘storybook’ albums on offer. They were thrilled and I could see the excitement in their faces before I left 🙂

The day was actually a late civil ceremony followed by an evening reception but it was awesome as day guests were also evening guests and the atmosphere was buzzing! The sun was shining throughout the day and as I arrived around 1800hrs at the stunning 16th Century wedding venue in Heskin I waited for Danny to also arrive in his beloved sports car. The girls came down the stretch first in a very nice sky blue Bentley, they seemed very excited and in good spirits. Danny was with his Son and Best man Jack smiling away before pulling up outside Heskin Hall. The time soon came for the wedding coordinator to invite the wedding guests into the ceremony room to await the Bride.

Mel was with her Dad, Kevin as they waited in the car to meet and greet the registrars. The Bridesmaids were eagerly waiting near by keeping themselves occupied with plenty of selfies 🙂 Mel looked gorgeous as she exited the car and with last minute alterations we were ready to being proceedings.

I got into position as Danny and Jack waited at the front of the aisle. The ceremony was full of laughter and smiles which was great to see and made for cracking photos. With one reading made and personal vows spoken to one another it was time for Jack to step up and hand over the wedding rings…after a few moments of untangling a few knots Jack handed over them to Danny and Mel to complete a lovely ceremony 🙂 So after a  couple of formal photos of the signing of the register the newly weds were ready to head back up the aisle past their family and friends.

Everyone got involved for the confetti shot which I love creating because the moment is so natural! We then headed round to the rear of the building for one large group photo which was awesome, everyone could then relax outside and enjoy some drinks and of course some sunshine. Unfortunately for Danny and Mel we had to get some shots of them both together before we lost the light! I didn’t keep them too long however they seemed to really enjoy the time in front of the camera…they were two proper posers ;-P

Dusk arrived and we headed inside for a couple of speeches from Kevin and then followed by the main man himself, Danny. They cut the cake and then enjoyed Mel’s Daughter, Abbie sing to everyone which was very touching. She got a huge round of applause before Danny and Mel finished the whole event with the first dance.

I had an absolute blast documenting their special day and as always feel very privileged to be part of such a happy occasion. I can’t wait the get the remainder of their wedding photographs over to them but for the time being please enjoy these sneak peek shots.



Congratulations Mark & Rebecca!

I met up with Mark and Rebecca a couple of months ago to discuss their upcoming big day after a very kind recommendation from David and Charlotte Fish whose wedding I had photographed back in 2014…Thank you 🙂

We ran through the day regarding the photography side of things and expectations with timings as it is the most important aspect with any wedding day. It is so crucial to have an idea of how (generally) it will all run and even though things may crop up, having in mind a set time frame to keep with will maintain a relaxed atmosphere during the daytime.

So the day soon arrived and I was due to arrive at Wrightington Country Hotel and Spa around 1 O’clock to begin documenting the build-up before the ceremony started at 2 O’clock. Initially I headed straight for the ceremony room where I met up with the registrars and ensured they were happy with my documented approach…which they were! I then looked for Mark to reassure him that I had arrived and once that was done I documented all of the wedding guests having a chat and a drink in Bennett’s Restaurant upstairs.

Mark soon headed downstairs to take his place whilst I waited in the reception area for the arrival of the Bridal party. Rebecca looked stunning in her wedding dress as she arrived with her Dad. They were both smiling away as they headed down the corridor to prepare to officially begin proceedings. The Bridesmaids made their way first with two Paige boys which included the couple’s Son, James and then Rebecca followed up behind. The ceremony was lovely which included the exchange of rings before the official signing of the register. Once formalities were complete the newlyweds made their way back past their family and friends together holding hands and smiling away!

We decided to get the group photographs out of the way before the wedding breakfast although in typical British style the weather hindered our plans slightly so I rearranged the ceremony room to make it spacious enough so we could capture at least the smaller sized group shots. It was all good fun which even included a shot, which I have to say, I have never done before but could begin to phase its way into future wedding celebrations. It was the same shot which has been done before of the Men holding up the Bride…..but the other way around! It created great smiley faces and was actually hilarious 😀

The happy couple and myself headed outside after the rain subsided slightly to capture the more intimate shots of them together around the venue’s grounds before heading inside where we did a mock cut of the cake and I also managed to get the all-important room photos before he wedding guests were officially invited in to take their seats. I had my break whilst everyone enjoyed a lovely 3 course meal but I do have to say a huge Thank you to Mark and Rebecca for their very kind gesture of making sure I got fed, it is always appreciated. I also checked over my photos and also prepped my kit for the evening part of the day which would include the speeches.

First up was Rebecca’s Dad who was absolutely brilliant in including funny stories and kind words. Mark followed suite with the customary ‘Thank yous’ to those in attendance along with special thanks to parents, Bridal party and someone they had asked to make their wedding cake. Finally was Mike, the Best man! Mike included an array of jokes with the inclusion of funny stories. They were all fantastic and made for great photographs!

The evening guests started to arrive which was a sign that we were approaching the time for the first dance. I wanted to squeeze in a couple of shots of the happy couple before I lost them to the awesome tunes that was being played by ‘Upside Down DJs’. I also suggested that James had 5 minutes with them both whilst I documented the moment, it was beautiful!

The official cutting of the cake had been and gone and the new Mr & Mrs Moorcroft were dancing away to their first dance before Rebecca then asked for a moment with her Dad during a song she requested with the DJ.

I had such an incredible day and I hope they did too along with their family and friends. I wish them a lovely time away up in the Lakes but for the time being please enjoy these sneak peek shots.

Thanks 🙂


Congratulations Stephen & Katie!

The weekend was a busy one with Johnny & Rachel’s wedding on Friday and then an early start on the Saturday to document the beginning of Stephen & Katie’s big day.

I headed off just before 9am to arrive at Katie’s parent’s home in New Springs, Wigan. As I was passing a McDonalds anyway I thought it would be rude not to grab a coffee to help wake me up a little. With a very warm welcome I was greeted by Diane (Katie’s Mum) who was very friendly and as I entered into the living room I soon met Alan (Katie’s Dad) and her two Bridesmaids. The Bridal preparation was in full flow with the make-up artist in the conservatory with Katie and the hair stylist in the dining room. I captured a few documented shots of everything that was going on but I soon headed upstairs to arrange the wedding dress, wedding shoes, wedding jewellery etc, in the best places to capture them in the best light and backdrop. Angie Mercer arrived not long after me and brought in the stunning flower arrangements she had made for Katie and the Bridal party. As the time was soon closing in Katie headed upstairs to get changed. The Bridesmaids helped whilst I documented the moment.

With the church conveniently 5 doors down from the house I grabbed the remaining kit out of my car and made my way to go and greet Stephen and then the Vicar, Stan who was conducting the Ceremony. Stephen seemed a little nervous but was in good spirits with his Best man and Ushers close by helping where they could. I met up with Barry of Diamond Lights Wedding Films who was booked to capture the day in video format. We’ve worked together many times and it’s always a pleasure as we bounce off each other well and know where and how each other work!

Katie soon arrived and with Stephen sat at the front near the Alter it was time for the ceremony to begin. Katie made her way down with her Dad smiling away and Alan looking proud as punch. The ceremony ran smoothly with readings and vows, hymns and exchange of rings complete and then finally the signing of the register. Once done I headed back up to the beginning of the aisle where I took my place for the new Mr & Mrs Breingan to make their way back up the aisle together before we got everyone together outside for the confetti shot.

Timings were tight so I announced for all family and friends to make their way up to the reception venue where we would conduct the formal group photographs. As we arrived at Best Western Plus Lancashire Manor Hotel in Pimbo the wedding coordinator was waiting with a glass of fizz each for the newlyweds. Stephen and Katie arrived in the stunning classic cars supplied by Confetti Cars in Bury. Everyone was welcomed into the bar area to have a drink whilst photos were being taken and with the last formal group of everyone was complete a good 20 minutes of chill out time was on offer before being invited into the wedding breakfast room for the meal.

Me and Barry looked through our footage whilst having a rest before the speeches began an hour or so later. Alan kicked off proceedings being the Father of the Bride, he was then followed by the Groom and then finally the Best man. They all included funny stories and happy memories with the addition of thank you’s from Stephen.

The day was closing but before the first dance between Husband and Wife, me and Barry took the happy couple off around the venue’s grounds where we captured the more intimate photographs of them together. It was good fun and I think Stephen and Katie enjoyed it also! Evening guests were arriving and so we knew the time had come for the DJ, Tony Macaroni to announce the new Mr & Mrs onto the dance floor. It was a lovely moment with them getting into the spirit of things and then with family and friends also having their moment with them.

I hope they had a wonderful and memorable day just as I did documenting it all and I look forward to posting the day’s photos to them soon, but for now enjoy some sneak peek shots.



Congratulations Johnny & Rachel

On Friday I had the immense pleasure in being part of Johnny and Rachel’s big day. I was recommended to the couple by a very good friend of mine, Kirsten who pointed them in my direction in March and once I spoke with Rachel on the phone she was very happy to go ahead and confirm my Bronze package.

The occasion was to be held all under one roof, The Atrium Café & Restaurant in Clitheroe. It was my first time in Clitheroe and I was excited as I entered the town which had a very nice vibe about it. Hanging bunting (personally) always gives me a good feeling about anywhere I visit and ultimately makes me feel happier being there! I arrived at the bottom of the Castle’s gates where I entered and made my way up the hill to park up. I grabbed my kit and headed inside to be greeted by the wedding coordinator, Chris. She was very helpful from the off and even though herself and her team of staff were swiftly organising the room for the ceremony she had time to answer any questions I had and directed me towards the Groom.

So I met Johnny for the first time, he was with his Best man and Son who were killing some time by observing the artwork on display. With quick introductions I captured some venue shots especially with the views on offer overlooking Pendle Hill.

Not long to go, the Bridal party arrived and then finally the Bride. Rachel looked beautiful in her wedding dress as she walked inside having help from her flower girl. The ceremony went smoothly and was a very intimate affair with just around 30 close family and friends to witness the happy couple tie the knot. With rings exchanged and the signing of the register complete, the new Mr & Mrs made their way back up the aisle hand-in-hand and smiling away 🙂

With no time to waste before the wedding breakfast we cracked on and captured the confetti shot, formal group shots and of course the photos of the newlyweds together. I love the confetti shot as I feel it gets everyone involved in such a wonderful natural moment of the day and also warms them up for the formal group shots.

With the formalities out of the way we headed up and around Clitheroe Castle capturing some stunning shots of the love birds together. It was great getting to know them whilst doing this as it was the first time meeting them 🙂

The time had come where Chris was inviting all wedding guests inside to take their seats for the wedding breakfast and then finally the speeches.

I wasn’t there all day but I had such a wonderful time regardless. I want to thank Kirsten once again for the recommendation and I also want to thank Chris and the team at the venue for their hospitality.

Enjoy these sneak peeks shots for now and I look forward to uploading the remainder when they’re complete



Congratulations Dave & Kirsten!

To kick off what was to be the beginning of a wonderful bank holiday weekend was the Wedding of Dave and Kirsten. On Saturday I had been booked to document their special day at the absolutely stunning Macdonald Kilhey Court Hotel in Standish. It all stared however at Kirsten’s parent’s home in Hindley, Wigan.

As I arrived around 10am it suddenly dawned on me that I was on the same street of a couple whose wedding I had previously photographed back in 2016. Tony and Lisa were married at Brookfield Hall in Westhoughton and lived only doors down, unfortunately I didn’t get time to knock on to say hello! The Bridal party were in full flow of getting ready as I headed inside and after a short period of documenting those moments I headed upstairs to capture photos of the smaller details which included the wedding dress, wedding shoes, wedding jewellery, wedding flowers, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, mother of the bride’s dress etc. After about 45 minutes I headed back downstairs to finish off with the hair and make-up shots. Kirsten’s Dad had made an appearance by this point and was soon getting laughs out of everyone including myself 🙂

Time swiftly moved on and I soon found myself packing my kit away as I documented the remaining part of the morning which is to some, the biggest moment where ‘Father sees Daughter’ in her wedding dress.

I arrived at Macdonald Kilhey Court in Standish, Wigan where I met up with Wendy (the wedding coordinator) as we briefly caught up with one another before heading directly down to the lakeside Suite to meet for the first time, the Groom. Dave seemed a little nervous but I let him know the plan of action and gave him a heads up of the way I do things. The registrars had arrived already and so I introduced myself and set up my kit whilst the wonderful sounds were being created by Elinor Nicholson – Harpist.

Everyone was invited inside to take their seats ready for the arrival of the Bridal party. I waited up top outside the reception and near the iconic fountain where the bridesmaids, flower girls and mother of the bride arrived in a modern white limousine whilst Kirsten arrived in a beautiful classic car with her Dad by her side. The ceremony ran smoothly with some really funny moments, a couple of readings, the exchange of rings and finally onto the signing of the register before they headed back down the aisle as Husband and Wife. They looked very happy and as they exited the room they were welcomed with nice cold drinks which I expect they were grateful for especially after enduring quite warm temperatures during the ceremony 🙂

We cracked on with the formal group shots outside as we had quite a number to get through. We started with the smaller ones and built up to the larger groups before getting all 100 guests together for the ultimate wedding photo! It was good fun with one of the Ushers requesting a little stand up in between shots…… erm, I declined, haha!

With the groups eventually complete I quickly headed inside to take photos of the reception room dressed up before guests started taking their seats. Sadly I missed the action of Mike’s Magic who was the entertainment during the interval between the ceremony and speeches but I have seen him in action before and I heard he made a positive impression on the day. Someone else who was to keep the happy couple’s family and friends amused during the meal was someone who actually was part of my Wedding day back in 2015 and I had also caught up with him in 2016 at a Wedding I was working at. Sean of ‘Cartoon Magic Sean Blackpool’ was around for a couple of hours creating hilarious portraits in quick time and as always was very professional.

The speeches were before the meal which included the Father of the Bride, the main man himself and Dave’s Best man. They were all great which included funny and heart touching stories from all. Afterwards I invited the newlyweds to have a walk around the venue with me whilst we captured the more intimate shots of them together. The sun was shining and with it being a little later in the day it was perfect for some low light shots! We even headed inside to the iconic stairway which is just past reception and shows off just how grand it is!

The time had soon come for the first dance and I set up my gear ready for the official introduction of the new Mr & Mrs Jarrett as the DJ announced them onto the dance floor. Unfortunately with timings quite tight earlier in the day we didn’t get to arrange a confetti shot in the usual format but I put across the idea of having guests throw it during their first dance which they loved 🙂

It was a fantastic day which I thoroughly enjoyed and I can’t wait to begin the editing of their wedding day photographs. For now please enjoy these sneak peek images,



Congratulations Chris & Julie!

Chris and Julie got married on Thursday 17th May which with the ceremony and reception all being held at Brookfield Hall in Westhougton, Bolton. With the weather being absolutely stunning for weeks beforehand I was quite confident them and their wedding guests will be having temperatures in excess of 20°C and sunny intervals throughout the day. This made life easy for me when it came to organising not just the formal groups but the shots of the throwing of confetti and of course the more intimate shots of the newlyweds together.

I arrived at Brookfield Hall 30 minutes before the ceremony began. This gave me the necessary time to meet the registrar, get some venue shots and briefly catch up with Chris. Julie arrived in a stunning classic car whilst her Bridal party waited inside. It was a small turn out with immediate family and a selected few of their friends who witnessed the very special occasion. It was soon time to take my place whilst we all waited for the arrival of the Bride. It was a lovely ceremony which lasted approximately 20 minutes and included a short duration of the formal ‘signing the register’ shots.

Everyone followed the newlyweds as they made their way outside towards the area which I had previously chosen for the throwing of the confetti. It was a great moment which got everyone involved and it broke the ice for the formal group photographs which immediately followed.

Chris and Julie had about a 10 minute drive out in the classic car which was all part of their package and so they experienced a swift trip around Westhoughton whilst local folk offered their congratulations to them both. They said on their return that it seemed very surreal!

I had time to capture some documented shots of guests enjoying themselves whilst having a drink before heading inside to get some room shots of the reception location. My time had soon come to close and after the speeches were said I said my goodbyes and left them all to celebrate without a camera around 🙂

I hope Chris and Julie had a wonderful day and I look forward to sharing their wedding day photographs very soon…



A little Lifestyle shoot around Sefton Park, Liverpool!

On Saturday 12th May I had a Lifestyle photo session booked in with a lady called Michelle who received a voucher from her Sister (whose Daughter I previously photographed) a little time ago and wished to redeem it. After a few emails back and forth and dates unfortunately cancelled mainly due to severe wintery weather we eventually met up at Sefton Park’s Palm House where I was to capture a much documented Lifestyle shoot of her family. The main subject to be was her daughter Layla who seemed to enjoy having her photo taken from the beginning.

We started off walking around the Palm House itself before heading down the hill towards one of the park’s lakes where we came across a family of Canadian Geese. I had been told Layla loved ducks so I was ready with the camera especially as the family of Geese included 4 goslings (babies) which was very cute.  They approached quite close to us which I was surprised about but it created some lovely shots.

After a little time Lee (Layla’s Dad), Michelle and Layla seemed to be having a really fun time! The way I perform my Lifestyle shoots are unique to me in the way they are delivered. I have a very minimum formal/posed approach and even then I ‘pose and pounce’. This basically means that if I have to create a shot from a specific backdrop I have seen and chosen then I will pose my subjects but let them do the hard work be it pulling funny faces at one another, sticking their tongue out or just tickling before getting their natural smiling expressions when asked to look towards me. It works most of the time but if more advanced techniques need to be implemented then I generally have a stash of sweets to bribe the adults 🙂

As we looped back on our tracks we finished where we started up at the Palm House where I’d say that my favourite shots of the day were captured of them together walking across a field full of wild flowers and with the sun beaming down behind them creating a halo effect.

I had such a wonderful time and I hope they did too!

Enjoy and I look forward to posting my next blog soon,


We’re still here!!!

Hi everyone

Okay so I have been away from the blog for a little while now since my last wedding back at the end of March. I’ve been extremely busy making improvements to my website which have taken some time with making sure that the highest of standards in showcasing my work online. With this and ongoing home renovations a few tweaks are still needed but generally speaking I am now in a great position and Summer ready…well for weddings that is 🙂

If you’re curious and fancy having a little look on our website you don’t need to veer far from our blog as it is now all together, so just click on home (above) and away you go!

So this was just to make you all aware that I’m back regular blogging and you’ll see more of my posts throughout the remainder of 2018 and beyond. I hope you all have enjoyed and will enjoy reading the content especially as you never have to listen to my ‘Brummy’ dulcet tones and if you’re not too fussed but enjoy looking at the photos I have captured at recent weddings/events then I’m happy with that, haha!

Anyway I’ll leave you to it but we have a couple of things to catch up on which will be uploaded very shortly!

Many thanks

Sam 🙂

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